Private Foundation Trusts

Private Foundation Trusts

A foundation trust is a better way of dealing with altruistic intentions, and to benefit a wider audience.

A foundation trust is a tax-exempt organisation established under trusts and equity law. The trustees hold fiduciary duties to manage and administer the trusts assets in accordance with the declaration laid out by the settlors/founders.

The declaration will detail the aims and objectives of the foundation trust and the qualification of the beneficiaries.

  • A Foundation Trust is a way to conduct charitable affairs in the private rather than through a regulated body
  • The founders/settlors of the Foundation Trust would set out the aims and objectives of the Foundation Trust
  • A Foundation Trust is administered in much the same way as a private family trust
  • Foundation Trusts differ from private family trusts in that the beneficiaries are unknown at the outset. A set of qualifications are put in place that adhere to the aims and objectives of the Foundation Trust.
  • Foundation Trusts can receive donations and offer benefits.
  • If you are wishing to deal with members of the public, rather than the private, and you take more than £5,000 in donations per year, you will need to consider registering as a charity with the Charities Commission to receive charitable status.

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