Protecting the Legal Title

Protecting the Legal Title

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable assets, such as property, it’s essential to take a multi-faceted approach. That’s why, in addition to helping you establish a trust, we offer specialised services to protect your legal title as registered with the HM Land Registry (HMLR).

Why Trusts and HMLR?

A trust is a legal arrangement where you transfer control of your assets to a trustee for the benefit of your loved ones or a specific cause. This offers multiple layers of protection and flexible options for how your assets will be managed.

However, even after establishing a trust, the title of your property still needs additional shielding. That’s where our expertise with the HM Land Registry comes into play.

Important Note: We Are Not Solicitors

Before we delve into how we can assist you, it’s crucial to clarify that we are not solicitors. What we offer is assistance in making direct applications to the HM Land Registry, providing guidance and expertise to help you navigate this specialised area yourself.

Also, this element only works with the Land Registry for England and Wales, for now. We are working with land registries for other countries also, to determine their methods of keeping the public record and how we can record the trusts on those legal titles.

Non-Standard Restrictions

Standard restrictions often don’t provide enough security for your assets. That’s why we go the extra mile by adding non-standard restrictions to your title. This way, your trust’s name appears on the proprietorship register, offering an extra layer of defence against fraudulent activities or unwarranted claims on your property.

Title Transfers: Holding Title in Trust

Transferring the title of your property to be held “in trust” is another strategy to make sure your assets are truly secure. By doing so, you’re formally registering that the property is held on behalf of the trust, further safeguarding it from potential risks.

Making Complex Processes Simple

We understand that the legalities of asset protection can be daunting. Our goal is to make these complex processes simple, understandable, and accessible for everyone.

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