Trustee’s Gathering

We aim to meet once a month to go through any queries and have a general chat.

Seventh Gathering March 2024

In this gathering we talked about LPA’s, the TRS, an update on court action and conspiracy theories. Thank you to all who attended!

Sixth Gathering February 2024

In this session we chat with Johnny of JEM Financial about Guardianship Insurance, we look at the TRS and Wills

Fifth Gathering January 2024

In this session, we chat to Barry Mitchell of BM Strategist, who is a money advisor. He tells us the regals us with stories of how powerful trusts are in the bankruptcy arena.

Fourth Gathering December 2023

Recordings of Previous Gatherings

Third Gathering October 2023

Second Gathering September 2023

Second Gathering Sept 2023 where we spoke about Bank accounts, PMA’s, Foundation Trusts, Selling homes, Life insurance (c/o a fellow trustee), Taxation

First Gathering July 2023

First Gathering July 2023 where we spoke about Putting cars in to trust, Foundation trusts, Rebuttals, Land registry, Equity of house, Adding/Removing Trustees, Adding property to the trust, Q&A