Private Trust Administration Course

Private Trust Administration Course

An online based course, that runs for 1 hour every Wednesday evening at 7pm for 10 weeks.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded on to the platform for revisiting and for those who are unable to make the live sessions.

Donate once and join every time the course is run (usually every 3 months)

Next Course Start Date: Wednesday 10th July 2024 (Run 10)

Suggested donation: £400 (Available on subscription)

1An Introduction to Trusts Law
What are the two titles?
The history of Trusts and Equity
Beneficial Interest
The three certainties
Trust creation exercise
Rights of the beneficiaries
Properly constituted?

2The Comprehensive Declaration (Part 1) – The Structure
Getting to know your Trust,
– Discretionary
– Interest in Possession
– Fixed

Parties to the Trust deed,
Interpretations and definitions,
Certainty of intention,
Powers Reserved by the settlor
3The Comprehensive Declaration (Part 2) – Trustee Powers
Powers and duties of trustees,
– Statutory Provisions
– STEP Provisions (Standard and Special)
4The Comprehensive Declaration (Part 3) – Clauses
Powers and duties of trustees continued,
Lay Provisions
Termination of the Trust
Appointment and removal of trustees.

5The Comprehensive Declaration (Part 4) – Clauses
Distribution qualification,
Appointment of beneficiaries,
Indemnity of trustees,
Expenses of the Trust,
Amendments to the trust declaration,
Memorandum of Trust,
Public notice.
6Administering your Trust (Part 1)
Executing your Trust,
Noticing your Trust,
Memorandum of Trust,
Public notice,
Sub-trust declaration,
Trespass notice,
Asset administration,
Settlement receipt,
Sustenance record.
7Administering your Trust (Part 2)
Disposal certificate,
Asset listing,
Amendment confirmation,
Annual Reports,
Annual meeting,
Record of trust assets,
Trial balance/reports.
Foundations of Equity,
How Trusts sit in Equity,
The right to enforce,
Evidence (NOI/SOI),
Rebutting claims.
9Case Precedents
Knight v Knight – the three certainties,
Milroy v Lord – Intent,
Paul v Constance – Intent,
IRC v Broadway Cottages – Beneficiary principle – complete list test,
Downs v Chappell – fiduciary duty,
Hunt v Luck – notice,
Muir v City of Glasgow Bank – trustee,
London Wine Shippers – fungible goods,
Re Diggles – precatory words,
Earl of Oxford – Equity vs Common Law
10Final Summary
What is fiduciary responsibility?
Fiduciary duties of trustees,
Duties of trustees – summary,
Administering your Trust – summary,
Doctrine of Notice,

Putting your car in to Trust,
Avoiding SHAM Trust challenges,
Next steps