Navigating Authority and Sovereignty: A Modern Egalitarian’s Perspective

Navigating Authority and Sovereignty: A Modern Egalitarian’s Perspective

Why I Choose to Use the System

Let’s talk about authority. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Wrapped up in legal jargon, societal norms, and those unspoken rules we all seem to follow. But here’s the thing—I consider authority is more of a tool than an absolute. It’s something we can choose to engage with when it suits us, and maybe step back from when it doesn’t.

Authority as a Construct

Think of authority like a game. It’s made up by people to keep things in order and, ideally, make life a bit smoother…or not. But acknowledging the game exists doesn’t mean you’ve got to play it all the time. I see these systems as handy for some things—like keeping peace and order, and driving on the correct side of the road—rather than some sort of divine command we all must follow blindly.

What’s the Deal with Sovereignty?

The whole idea of being sovereign is about calling your own shots—living life on your terms, free from unwanted government interference. While that might sound great on paper, it can get a bit tricky in practice, especially when everyone else is playing ‘by the rules’. That said, dipping into the system now and then doesn’t mean you’re selling out. It’s more about picking your battles and using the bits of the system that work for you. To coin a term from my Buddhist studies, walk the middle way.

Property and Playing the Game

Let’s chat property. No one rules over anyone else, right? That is the true perspective of the egalitarian. But having a bit of land to call your own is pretty handy. It gives you a spot to plant your feet, keeps things stable at home, and yeah, it does a good job of keeping the modern-day raiders at bay. Using property laws to your advantage isn’t going against your beliefs—it’s just being smart about living in a world where these rules can actually protect you and yours. It’s using their system to call ‘dibs’ on that piece of land or property whilst you are alive, and if you plan it correctly, your heirs also.

Being Egalitarian in Today’s World

Being an egalitarian means you treat everyone as equals, and that idea guides how you deal with all these societal systems. Whether it’s fighting for fair property rights or dealing with government red tape, it’s about being fair and just, without being pushed around by the system. It’s a fine line to walk, but it’s all about finding that sweet spot where you can live true to your values while still getting by in the world.

In Summary

Stepping through this world with a mind for sovereignty in a system built on authority is all about balance and choice. We engage with the parts that serve us, using them to safeguard what we value while maintaining our independence. This way, we live practically without giving up on our principles.

So, in the grand scheme of things, we’re all just trying to find our way—using what works, questioning what doesn’t, and always striving to stay true to what we believe in. Here’s to navigating this crazy world with a bit of savvy and a lot of heart!

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